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drugstore cowboy drops new single-all night by my side

Drugstore Cowboy, the collaborative project of Dallas, TX hailing singer-songwriter, Mr. Carter Davis and Drummer–Producer, Grant Thompson take their influence from The Killers to Garth Brooks and everywhere in-between. This eclectic group of inspiration helps to create the undefined sound and style that the genre-mixing Drugstore Cowboy have developed, over their several years of collaboration.

Their new single All Night By My Side, featuring Dallas native, Loren Kole, is an electric Alt/Pop track with a stripped down melody and crisp vocal track bordering between a dance track and mainstream pop song. The unique melodic mix and clean production serve the duo, as well as Loren, by showcasing their talent for writing and performing, genre blurring songs. With thoughtful story-telling, through lyrics, this is not your typical electronic dance track, but it’s also not far off. All Night By My Side is like a perfect union between electronic music and singer-songwriter/folk. Drugstore Cowboy display their roots in Pop, Americana, Folk, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, as well as trap music through the new single, as well as the chops they possess to mix all these genres into one great song.

All Night By My Side‘s lyrics narrate the journey of deciding to go all-in, with your feelings, in a relationship. The song chronicles the choice to prepare for falling in love after spending much of the time in the relationship questioning if it was right, to begin with. It’s about realizing that something is right, even if it doesn’t feel that way, all of the time. Even good things hurt sometimes. Lyrics like “all night by my side feels right to the morning calling, gave up chasing time made up my mind prepared for falling“, are not only the super catchy chorus, but also serve as the general theme for the track.

All Night By My Side is a song from the album Maverick, which is a collaboration record featuring artists from the North Texas music scene. One of the featured artists, Loren Kole, provides a beautiful vocal performance for this track and surely has a career of her own to be watched, closely.

Drugstore Cowboy continue to deliver superbly produced and written songs that appeal to fans from all genres. Get on the train early before you get left behind, when they eventually blow up, big!

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