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Dylan Dunlap Continues Impressive Run with ‘Who Would’ve Thought’

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Dylan Dunlap is back with a new single “Who Would’ve Thought”.  In this inspiring love anthem, Dunlap invites his girlfriend Marisa out for coffee, confesses his love, and thanks her for helping him reconnect with his hometown.

Dunlap said in press “Who Would Have Thought” basically wrote itself after we poured our hearts out to each other at a local diner all day until the waiters got mad. I love that it’s not only a love song about her, but about my hometown. Meeting her single-handedly helped me fall in love with Los Angeles for the first time.

The track starts off with a warm acoustic guitar and Dunlap singing softly. As the record continues Dunlap’s’ expression is jolted into a climatic transition where the beat turns into a swinging love ballad. In the end, the song transitions once more into lovers’ anthem when Dunlap chants “Who would’ve thought that you would make me fall in love with California.

Dunlap first got his start in the music world as a contestant on the voice. He has since then begun his solo career releasing two singles “Face Value” and “Do We Need to Go Out”. The super talented 23-year-old is just getting started.

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