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Eddie Martinez Kicks Off Summer With New Remix Pack

Eddie Martinez has blessed our ears today with an official remix package of last year’s hit, “Something About You”.  Teaming up with producers from around the world Martinez starts off the pack with a personal VIP edit incorporating a heavy bassline which continues throughout the song.  The vocals from Kaci start off slow and build with time. Layered synths and unstoppable drums continue throughout the song and grasps your attention from the jump.

Next up Elad Navon & Niv Aroya start off very fast and in your face before mellowing out to allow the vocals to breathe.  These vocals are chopped and build up into a massive drop ready for any festival main stage.  Marcos Carnaval and Donny Marano bring sexy drums and a Tribal/Progressive feel to the track, delivering a dynamic and dancefloor friendly mix for the package.  Erick Ibiza puts his spin on the track bringing a darker Tech infused mix with driving rhythms and unstoppable energy.  LastlyD3Z & RILLO start the track and allow the vocals some space before building into a beautifully melodic Future Bass drop.  Midway through the song there is another spotlight on the vocals before leading into a second drop that brings a whole new vibe.

Make sure you check this one out and add it to your bins for the summer!  Coming in hot!

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