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Elina Drops Heartfelt Track “Paper Planes”

This month, Swedish singer-songwriter Elina returned with her first release of 2020, new single “Paper Planes”. The release follows a banner year for Elina. 2019 saw the release of two singles “Free” and “Another Round”, in addition to her well received, debut EP “In Hindsight”. Having garnered critical praise, as well as streams in the tens of millions, “In Hindsight” is looking likely to live up to its name as a sign of good things to come from this rising talent.

Weaving delicate melodies with Elina’s sweet and soulful voice, “Paper Planes” is an ode to finding strength amidst the highs and lows of grief. Elina’s stunning vocals take center stage on the track, delivering verse after verse with unabashed emotion. Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Elina says: 

“At the time, two people in my life that I love dearly and care about very deeply had recently decided to walk their separate ways after a long, long time. I feel I subconsciously steered the lyrics in the direction of their story. I admire and respect their strength in wanting the best for each other and being supportive, selfless and strong throughout it all. This song to me is about that kind of strength. The ability to help each other pursue happiness, even if that means you can’t be together.”

With her sophomore EP in the works, we’re excited to see what’s to come from Elina in 2020. Determined to shine a light on modern societal issues, Elina says she hopes to “reach a point where I can make a real difference using the platform I’m lucky to have.” Given the current difficult climate we’re all experiencing, we think Elina’s heartfelt tunes might be just what we all need.

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