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Ellee Duke Loves Large in Her Latest Pop Banger, "Animal"

Staying true to yourself is hard when all signals tell you that your true self is wrong. Despite overwhelming pressure, Ellee Duke has managed to stay authentic and pave her own path. Her new single "Animal" details her experience in a relationship where she felt she had to change who she was in order to make her partner happy.

The track is a perfect anthem to anyone who's felt like they had to change who they were just to make someone else happy.

"I was in a relationship once where I always felt like I was too much. I cared too much. I was there too much. Too forgiving. Etc etc.... I’ve learned that having a big heart isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength. And giving my love, time, and energy to someone who weaponizes it against me isn’t someone who is worth any of me." -Ellee Duke

Sticking with the theme of authenticity, Duke made the decision to cut ties with record labels and began releasing music as an independent artist, giving her the freedom to express her creativity how she envisions it best.

Listen to more like Elle Duke here:

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