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EMAN8 Breaks All the Rules On ‘Amen’

While I have personally been following Brandyn Burnette for several years now… this is my first time hearing from EMAN8.  Over the last several years, Brandyn has been pumping out tunes, garnering tastemaker support, landing in huge playlists, featuring on some massive collabs and racking up some major streams – EMAN8 is a whole new thing… and I am way into it.

About the transformation, name change and relaunch, Brandyn says, “Through the process of working on my first full album I decided to change my artist name to my middle name “emanate” which was a name passed down in my family to me from my Jamaican side. Since deciding on this change I’ve been working on finishing the album with some of my good friends. I recently shot a music video for the first single entitled “Amen” out in Seattle. I wanted to create something the symbolizes the departure from Brandyn Burnette & my rebirth as EMAN8.

As an artist, especially one who has already reached a certain level of success, it is never an easy decision to switch gears.  Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t… but I have no doubt EMAN8 will picking right up where Brandyn left off and kicking things up a notch or two.  Get hyped for the album, a I’m sure it’ll be a gem.

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