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“Let me love, love will you let me love you?” asks Nashville based pop savant Drew Schueler, in his new single Lovely Girl, a romantic journey chronicling an encounter with an un-nerving girl. The story blossoms throughout the song as Schueler starts by describing the captivating woman who has stolen his attention “red lips, black dress, got a smile that I can’t forget”, and eventually goes on to request the opportunity to grow the relationship into love. The single sports an LA-pop style sound matched with expressive lyrics that tell a full, compelling love story, while showcasing the artists passionate side. Drew pairs a bright-chorus effect guitar riff with a straight forward grand piano progression and a driving electronic rhythm section to round-out the ensemble sound, that is perfectly matched with his smooth, passionate vocal performance. The entire single is wrapped tightly and perfectly packaged in a well produced and very pleasing pop–jam, worthy of the air waves.

What’s more enticing about the new single from artist Drew Schueler, is that he made the best of his in-ability to tour this year, by preparing songs like this one, completely on his own. Not only is he the writer of the song, he is also the only composer, instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer on the track, not-to-mention, the entirety of his debut EP New Perspective. To spite being an emerging young artist, Drew has already become a master of creating vibrant, textured, unique songs that offer a familiar feeling and fit into the top-40 lineup right next to Bieber.

“I have always been fascinated by all aspects of creating music,” Drew said. “As with any kind of art, every tiny detail matters and I love knowing everything that goes into my music.”

Drew broke into music fronting alt–pop bands in Cincinnati and Nashville but now he is completely pop minded and I expect him to continue churning out great music for us all to listen and dance to, including some of the other tracks he worked on for release this year.

Listen to more from Drew Schueler, here:

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