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Emma McGrath completes her trilogy of EPs with the final release of ‘Settled in Motion’

Emma McGrath’s brand new EP ‘Settled in Motion’ marks the third and final part of her thematically connected EP trilogy. Silent Mind Pt. 3 arrived today and surprised us with the two unreleased tracks ‘Paradise’ and ‘Stand By’ as well as her most recent single ‘Getaway Train’.

With ‘Paradise’, Emma continues to explore her heart-stopping honest writing. The breathtaking melancholy thrilled ballad embraces the balancing between her music and personal life. In her own words, she explains how she developed a mindset where music got in the way of friendship and how this track represents finding love but being scared of it not working out.

The EPs second track ‘Paradise’ deals with the struggles of finding love, whilst the final track ‘Stand By’ considers the drifting apart of two people. “It highlights the feeling of being with someone and releasing it doesn’t feel right”, describes Emma. She mentions the negative thoughts that appeared out of ‘Paradise’ can also be found in this track.

With ‘Silent Mind’ Emma has not only documented her own progression of maturity in her so writing but furthermore her growth as a person. Starting her journey with uncertainty within herself in ‘Silent Mind Pt. 1’, she has now arrived at a place of acceptance and understanding.

On explaining the title, Emma said: “I’ve called the EP ‘Settled In Motion’ because I think I’m understanding myself more. I’m feeling more settled. I think in these songs I’m accepting life as it is”. Transitioning from soaring anthemic moments to spine-tingling intimacy, it’s her finest body of work to date.

Emma will play her first socially distant shows at The Horn, St Albans on 20th December. Strong demand led to a matinee performance being added. Tickets are available HERE.

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