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Esbie Fonte Hypnotizes on ‘Rosie’

Bay Area born, LA based songstress Esbie Fonte is quickly cementing herself as one of the more captivating artists in the city of angels.  Following up on her tune, “Aces High”, which found praise from LA Weekly who said she, “bends unexpected styles to create unique pop music,” Esbie Fonte is now back with her latest offering, “Rosie”.

A true DIY artist Esbie is in total control of her artistry from production to art direction – allowing her soul to shine and her personality too ooze from the crevices of everything she creates.  On her latest tune, an ominous vibe takes over as she puts a whole new spin on the classic nursery rhyme, “Ring Around the Rosie.”  From her hypnotic vocals wrapped in layers of counter melodies and haunting harmonies – to the minimal yet somewhat chaotic production, Esbie Fonte is firmly creating a lane of her own.  As the familiar line “ashes, ashes, we all fall down” swirls in the background, she leads with dark, cinematic lyrics that paint a vivid picture.

Having already landed a Hype Machine #1 and spins on KCRW, there is no denying that Esbie Fonte is turning some heads throughout the industry.  In a world of cookie cutter artists It seems she is dead set on breaking the mold – and she is off to a brilliant start.

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