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Etoile Marley – Star by name, Star by nature

Etoile Marley is the London-based singer-songwriter doing things differently. Not only does she stand out for her Sade-esque mesmeric vocals, but the visuals accompanying her music are always extra intriguing. We imagine seeing her live is no exception. This ex Circus performer, actress and Cabaret dancer knows how to fuse together the different arts, giving the audience something super unique with her own Etoile twist. Her genre is dark pop meets R&B.  

Marley’s music is so damn heartfelt – and her first name is French for ‘star’ – well we needn’t say anymore! Etoile Marley has something going on not many other artists do – something underground yet commercially viable all at the same time, with a consistent identity drawing on her roots as a performer first and foremost.

Etoile Marley’s latest single ‘Cuffing Season’ is her latest release, the first single from her upcoming 6-track EP out this November which we’re all looking forward to here at Roq Dafuq Out. Marley grew up listening to a mix of French artists such as Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf as well as her dad’s eclectic taste in music from Pink Floyd to Genesis to Enya. As a teen she really got into Jimi Hendrix, Lauryn Hill, De La Soul and Jeff Buckley. All of these influences can certainly be heard in her own music, if not subtly – once again though, her sound is hard to pin down. Besides, there’s nothing worse than a new artist who sounds just like someone else! 

Etoile will be performing live in London this October 1st, so if you’re round there go see her. She’ll be performing an exclusive run-through of her new EP – for info and tickets visit

Etoile Marley – she truly is a star. 

Listen to Etoile’s new single ‘Cuffing Season’ right here:

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