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EverIgnite Heats Things Up with ‘On Fire’ [VIDEO]

Denver has things heating up with the debut release from 4-piece outfit EverIgnite.  Headed up by multi-instrumentalist Chad Pinkerman (Lead Vocals/Guitars), Kris Litman (Lead Guitar), Josh Rosa (Bass) and Jackson Ruggiero (Drums) round out the group, promising to deliver some major Arena-Rock vibes to the Denver area.

With an album in the can and ready to be unleashed, the group finds a focus by blending Hard Rock instrumentation with Alternative and Pop overtones.  Their debut single, “On Fire“, is an uplifting, feel good track that also brings an edge while still maintaining a head rocking appeal.  

Layers of gritty guitar mesh with melodic synths and slamming drums beneath the Pop leaning vocals to create an all out assault on the eardrum.  With an anthemic hook that his hard to deny, all it takes is a listen or two to have you singing along.  The song is further brought to life by the video which shows the group in their element, loading up gear and taking center stage to show the world what they are made of.

With promises of an album not too far out, “On Fire“, is more than enough to hold us over and get us hyped for whats to come.  Make sure you check them out and if you are in the Denver area, keep an eye out for some live shows being announced V SOON.

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