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Evie Irie Slays in Gritty New Single ‘Over Him’ [VIDEO]

Evie Irie is only 17 years old and already making huge waves. The Sydney, Australia born artist has been racking up hundreds of thousands of plays by creating fully realized pop songs that capture the experiences of her sisters and their friends. Her latest song, “Over Him”, highlights her ability to write compelling yet catchy pop songs. 

With a chorus bound to get stuck in your head and lyrics that keep listeners invested, Evie Irie shows exactly why she’s being called a young prodigy. Her voice, just like the instrumentation it meshes so perfectly with, goes from rough to soothing in a second. Songs of such high quality are bound to get radio play. Having signed a deal with Republic Records after her debut project “5 Weeks in LA” was well received, it looks like nothing can stop the young future super star. 

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