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Evie Joy Impresses on New Tune ‘Expiration Date’ [VIDEO]

Based in New York, Jazz vocalist, ukulele aficionado, and recipient of the Johnny Mercer Foundation Award, Evie Joy has recently released a new single (and video) titled, “Expiration Date”, and it is an absolute bop.

Far from my usual vibe, Evie’s impressive vocal control, free flowing melodies and all around musicality is undeniable from the very beginning.  Opening with soft vocals and ukulele, the track quickly builds into something totally cool, enchanting and jam worthy.  Recorded in Nashville along with a team of likeminded musicians, Evie let’s her heart cry as she touches on a past relationship that went stale.  

With Evie Joy floating on top of and incredibly dynamic, organic, and powerful production, “Expiration Date”, is an Alt-Jazz anthem of female empowerment – both vindicating and therapeutic.  Laced with fat rolling basslines, interesting string arrangements, emotional keys and minimal percussion, the star of the show is without a doubt Evie’s vocals – powerful, sensual and totally dominant.  Unlike much of what you hear today, Evie brings unstoppable melodies, intriguing rhythms and an incredible range – and I am way hooked.

If you are into nostalgic feeling newness, you’ll want to give this a spin or two.  Be prepared to be taken on a ride.

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