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Fabich Keeps Us On Our Toes with “Pretend”

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

If there was one thing I could say about London/Berlin based artist Fabich, it would have to be that I can not get over how incredibly versatile he is. Having first come onto my radar 5 plus years ago when I was heavy into the House scene here in New York, I was immediately taken back by the way he was able to craft stand-out, organic, emotive tunes that cut through in any set. Having racked up millions of streams making dance music while simultaneously racking up production credits behind the scenes on some massive records around the world, Fabich has been proving himself as a secret weapon for a while now – and you’d be crazy not to have noticed.

While my musical tastes have changed over the last several years, Fabich has somehow been able to keep up, expanding his sound and developing a catalog that seems unrestrained by genre. Having played music nearly all of his life, it is easy to hear that he has a clear and deep understanding of music the music he is creating – regardless of what the vibe may be. Often teaming up with friends and colleagues, Fabich seems to thrive in a collaborative setting, able to adapt effortlessly; always adding and never taking away from a projects overall appeal. The more you listen – the more that will make sense.

Most recently, Fabich has once again teamed up with fellow RockDafqOut favorite fika and frequent collaborators Sam Sure and Sophia Alexa to release, “Pretend“, a perfect end-of-summer jam that is a far cry from the dancefloor grooves that initially made me fall in love with his production – that doesn’t mean I am not still in love. His latest single is a stunning, hypnotizing, Indie-Alternative jam that brings the perfect slow-burning energy that we all need right now. With a laid-back, nostalgic feel, “Pretend“, features crips vocals, foot-tapping basslines, vibrant guitar and hella relatable lyrics that instantly sink their teeth in. Hazy and seductive, the new collaborative offering finds all involved putting their best foot forward to create an undeniable bop that I will for sure be rocking for some time to come.

Do yourself a favor, give this a listen and dig into Fabich‘s catalog – it will be time well spent – I promise.

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