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FIKA’s Debut Will Leave You ‘Wide Eyed’

Newly formed South London duo, FIKA, comprised of Sam Hutton and Al Wreaves, came together initially simply to have some fun, but after writing some tunes and developing a sound, FIKA was born and, “Wide Eyed“, is their debut release.

While both parties have always shared a passion and similar taste in music, FIKA was really more of an after thought.  “Wide Eyed“, was inspired by an unfortunate life event that left Sam’s brother in a coma for several weeks after being involved in a near fatal cycle accident.  The accident (which he has since recovered from) left him, “a little bit off the rails.”  This tune was written for his girlfriend (who he had only met 2 weeks prior to the accident) who helped to bring him, “back down to earth.

The smooth, guitar laden track finds its groove early on and stays on track until the very end.  While somber in tone, the production is bright, soulful and a bit funky.  What I love most here, is that you can hear both parties locked in, playing off of each other throughout – an undeniable chemistry that is hard to come by and easy to recognize.  Like 2 bros vibing and grooving, making music that they feel, with no second thoughts and no expectations.  This comes from the heart… you can feel it.  

A chill, emotive and musical display for their debut single – certainly enough to get me excited for what’s next.

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