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Filthy Feels with Run DMT

Dallas based Bass music mad man RUN DMT has been blowing minds and distorting faces for more than a couple of years now and he shows no sign of letting up.

When he’s not gracing the stages of some of the biggest festivals around the globe, he is hard at work in the studio without a doubt driving his neighbors mad.

His latest release, “Revolutionaire“, featuring Ripparachie is an aggressive face melting masterpiece.  Starting the track is a line of panic inducing strings – a war cry ready to whipping his soldiers into a frenzy and ready to bring them into battle.

As if that isn’t intense enough , the track quickly builds to an all out Bass assault.  Growling wubs, screeching synths and pounding drums quickly come at full force leading to full motion head snaps and the grossest of facial expressions.

With the addition of a verse from Raparrachie, the fierce Electronic track quickly finds an urban edge.  Fast fire high-energy bars coming rushing in before once again leading to absolute madness.

If you are in any way pissed off… I’d suggest not listening to this one right now.

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