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Float Away with Apricot Ink’s latest single “Make Believe”

Apricot Ink is a three-part Pop/RnB project, comprised of Canberra-based musicians Sara, Gus, and Willo. The group draws you in with their cohesive musical relationships, coming together via the purest sort of bond that is reflected in their warm harmonies and flowing song structures. Apricot Ink has been releasing music for a bit over a year now, and riding the wave of their most previous double-release, “Lucky Rainbow/Carmelyzed Crusade ”, they’re back with more infectious sounds. Their latest release, “Make Believe”, is a radiant and tranquil pop experience that is grounded in all of the wonders that nature and life have to offer. It is what bliss sounds like; what comfort feels like. “Make Believe” is a decision to float away, to encounter old familiarities and to make new discoveries. Almost anyone can find home within this comforting and rewarding track. 

It’s a natural evolution from our previous singles. It romanticises the rawness of the real world and the beauty in the simple things that we once took for granted. It’s about relishing the present moment, embracing and accepting yourself and others.We sampled birds and layered it underneath the production and vocals. It brought the track to life and it was a reminder of exactly where we were and how we felt at the time. It was meant to be. It felt right and resonated harmoniously.” – Willo

“Make Believe” is built upon smart drum loops and thick harmonic layers. However, beneath the obvious surface lies a world of sound sourced and inspired by nature; incorporating real sounds of nature, samples of birds chirping, is a part of what makes this track so intuitive. However, the vocal performances are what truly establish the ecosystem of comfort and euphoria. Each of the three members of Apricot Ink sounds and feels completely content, and as is evident from the bands’ remarks, they were. In essence, the spirit of this track is sourced as organically as possible. Three friends, in the wilderness, happily making music together. That’s what “Make Believe” sounds like, and that’s exactly what it is. Sara, Gus, and Willo’s individual energies radiat through this song and come together naturally and authentically. It’s extremely uncommon to find an act like Apricot Ink, where nothing feels forced and each individual coalesces into a greater whole in the most natural sort of way. Apricot Ink is doing something right because I would recommend this song to anyone I know, and I’m sure they would love it. 

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