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Fold Unveil Sophomore Album ‘We’re The Ones’

Hailing from Leeds, genre-bending collective Fold have been impressing listeners and audiences for the last 7 years or so.  Blending influences from jazz-funk to Brazilian psyche, hip hop and downtempo, the ever-evolving cast of characters find collaboration as a main  factor in their sound and success.  Finding regular support from BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio and a number of other regional stations, Fold’s mainstays Sam (guitar), Kane (drums), Ben (bass) and Seth (benevolent dictator/keys) are unafraid to take risks and it shows in their sound. 

Since the 11 track project was released in April, Fold have found support from some major tastemakers in the UK and beyond.  Along with the digital release, Fold also unveiled colored vinyl and CD’s that are also available for the project.  Do yourself a favor and check it out in full below!

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