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From London to Oakland with Tannergaard

Swedish producer Tannergaard, now based in London, has been making waves with his impressive remixes and originals.

For his latest treatment, he has flipped Childish Gambino & Lloyd‘s, “Telegraph Avenue (Oakland)“, creating a melodic and groovin’ two step style mix.  In stark contrast to the original, his remix brings a whole new vibe that works incredibly well.  Piano and pulsating synths push the tune along while the vocals sway on top.

While his interpretation may at first throw you off (if you are familiar with the original), it doesn’t take long for it to grab hold and for you to start appreciating the fresh approach.  About his remix, Tannergaard says, “I loved the original, but when I heard the acapella I got a completely different vision for the song!

For me this remix totally works, bringing the release to the dance floor and delivering a bright energy not found in the original.  We’re digging this.

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