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Gabe James Pens Thoughtful Tune “Julia”

Colorado-native Gabe James first caught our attention with his last release “Suddenly,” and we said foreshadowed more work on the horizon that will continue to just get better and better. Now he’s released his beautiful new tune “Julia,” and we’ll admit it as a new favorite in the Gabe James repertoire.

Driven by swirling vocals and a catchy acoustic guitar groove, the tune conveys a bright atmosphere that will warm your soul. These two components are simple, but each element is brought to life through a meaningful performance, showcasing James’ talents as a songwriter and performer. Though James muses about a girl named Julia, he actually attaches a different memory to the tune, sharing:

“I wrote this song the morning my manager, Gabe Saporta, was flying out to Colorado to come visit and take me to a show at Red Rocks. I remember waking up that morning so amped up that he was coming out to Colorado and two songs (one of them being ‘Julia’) just flew out of me in a couple hours. I got some quick demos recorded and ended up showing Gabe that night when I picked him up from the airport. Still to this day, it’s one of my fondest memories I’ve ever had, driving around playing him the songs and performing them in front of strangers that night in the lobby of the Red Rocks hotel by the fire.”

Colorado born-and-raised Gabe James knew from the time he was a kid that he wanted to create music, but it wasn’t until his teenage years that this desire became known to everyone else around him. While drawn to the stripped-back styles of early John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, Gabe’s influences range from classic rock icons Fleetwood Mac and 90s hip-hop pioneers Wu Tang Clan to modern pop rock powerhouse The 1975. As Gabe’s taken in these varying inspirations and experimented with DIY production techniques, he’s created a sound that is all his own. His sonic journey, and literal one from Colorado to L.A. will be showcased in a collection of 3 upcoming EPs, the first EP being A Boy From Colorado out May 19.

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