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GALXARA & Party Pupil Shake The Earth With “I Miss The Days”

Burning brighter than a shooting star, GALXARA is crashing into us with new cosmic tune “I Miss The Days.” Featuring Party Pupils and production by Vantage, not even NASA could have predicted this stellar hit smashing into Earth.

GALXARA’s eccentric pop style molds perfectly with the funk duo’s futuristic styling. With it’s upbeat tone, the song takes the emotions a lot of people are feeling right now and cradles them in a hypnotic trance. The pop sensation notes how Party Pupil’s take brought a new life to the song, saying:

“When I heard that Party Pupils wanted to work on this song with me I was so excited because they have a future-funk style of production and it’s just such an interesting flavor. Eventually, we also got the really dope artist/producer Vantage involved to really solidify the production (he killed it), and that’s when I realized how important this song is to me.”

Party Pupil also recognized GALXARA’s style as one to complement their funky flair, noting:

“When we heard her vocal demo of ‘I Miss The Days’ we just knew we had to get involved. Her voice is so powerful and so emotional. It was truly a pleasure working with her on this song.”

“I Miss The Days (Feat. Party Pupils)” marks the latest in an out-of-this-world string of singles from GALXARA, including this summer’s “Loving Nobody.” Although her name and style evoke the heavens, GALXARA hails from far humbler roots. The artist, born in Miami, grew up in Orlando, Florida with her Nicaraguan mother and American father, both of whom were constantly blending the styles and genres of music of both backgrounds. GALXARA is among the incredible female artists featured on BIRDS OF PREY: THE ALBUM, Atlantic Records’ star-studded, all-female musical companion to the blockbuster film from Warner Bros. Pictures.

Party Pupils is a future funk duo consisting of pop star MAX (Max Schneider) and producer Suave Yung Blanc (Ryan Siegel). The pair make slick, weekend-ready dance tunes showcasing MAX’s powerful, sexually charged vocals. Their repertoire includes reinterpretations of pop hits like Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It,” official remixes for Bebe Rexha, Chromeo, and Jai Wolf, as well as original singles “Love Me For The Weekend (with Ashe)” and “Bite My Tongue.”

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