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Few and far between are the tracks that are equally clever, catchy, well polished, and perfectly poised as a banger! That being said, 17 year old Nashville based artist GAYLE, has delivered just that track, with abcdefu. The debut single for the young artist is equal parts anthemic Indie/Rock and fine tuned POP, mastery. Somehow, GAYLE has managed to craft a track driven by explicit angst while performing it with a sweetness and innocence that is nothing short of endearing and mesmerizing. As you travel the road of this break up tune, it is impossible not to get behind the lyrics and chant, fist raised, in solidarity with GAYLE. abcdefu is a perfect fight song for any person that has ever been in a relationship with a partner who simply, does not deserve your effort. Cheers to those of us, who tried, but ultimately just didn’t have the patience, to go on… here’s our theme song, proven by lyrics like “I was into you, but I’m over it now And I was tryin’ to be nice but nothing’s getting through, so let me spell it out… A-B-C-D-E-FU!“!

The young GAYLE’s debut single has already reached inspiring levels of success, entering into Billboard’s Emerging Artist chart at #37 and reaching heights as far as the top 10, on iTunesTop Pop Songs” and overall charts. The single has amassed over 60 million streams, worldwide, with no signs of stopping. In fact, the level of success that this release has seen prompted GAYLE to re-release some alternate versions, including; angrier, nicer, and even a re-imagining collaboration with acclaimed Alt/Grunge queen, Royal & The Serpent. The two artists even appear together in a “visualizer” video for the song. abcdefu also has an official music video featuring GAYLE and her friends on goodbye romp through the house of her song recipient and ex boyfriend.

Both the track and the 17 year old Gayle are undeniably versatile, showing experience beyond their years with genre blurring, as well as production and performance. The music that is sure to come from GAYLE is going to be epic and I will be listening, closely. Any song with fuck you in the chorus is a big yes from me. Then throw in a cute up-and-coming star??? I’m sold. GAYLE is the sweetest and so damn talented. So excited to see what this next year has in store for her!!” – says Royal & the Serpent.

At an incredibly young age, GAYLE is creating music that is fearless and honest. Beginning her musical journey at the age of seven, outside Dallas, she began singing and soon after took up piano and guitar, even beginning to write her own songs. Now, 67 million streams later, she is creating modern pop music that empowers both herself and the young men and women that make up her audience. Relatability will be no problem for this artist. Check her out, on Billboard’s 2021 21 under 21: The Ones to Watch List.

Here is some more praise, for the young artist:

“With just a few songs under her belt, the songstress has become a favorite among Gen Zers…”


“GAYLE’s uncensored honesty as a lyrical storyteller is what makes her music so captivating. She effortlessly parallels verses with experiences in a dynamic arrangement of sounds.”


“It’s hard to believe GAYLE is only 17 years old, and she’s already been declared a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.”


“The young artist harnessed these words and turned it into a mesmerizing ode, offering a strong narrative and powerful voice to Gen Z.”


Listen to more versions of abcdefu, here:

GAYLEabcdefu feat. Royal & The Serpent visualizer video:

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