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It’s safe to say that now, likely more than ever, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the immense challenges and conflict throughout the world. Most of us wonder if theres anything that we as individuals can do to change the path we’re headed down. Sam Tompkins wants you to know that he feels your pain with his latest single “(W)hole“.

Coming off of his 2020 quarantine influenced EP Isolation Diaries, “(W)hole” puts a moody-pop soundtrack to the existential question of ‘where do we all go from here?’, while simultaneously attempting to offer an answer.

“…I think “(w)hole” is sort of a realization of knowing that not every problem in the world can be fixed by one person,” says Sam. “If there is meaning or purpose to this life, it has to come from being and working alongside one another…”

Set inside an elevator, the music video for “(W)hole” gives listeners a deep dive into Sam’s current headspace, recounting his journey from a state of disconnect from hope and the positive side of life, back into happiness. The video makes clear that, from Tompkins point of view, he seems to be the only one feeling weighed down by the pressures of today while everyone else dances around and celebrates in ignorant bliss.

The accompanying music video for “(W)hole” is directed by Josef Bates

In addition to collaborating with Krept and Konan, Jason Derluo, Jaykae and MNEK, Tompkins has garnered praise from the likes of Elton John, Bastille, Channing Tatum and Justin Bieber, who recently sat down with Sam in an IG live chat to discuss music, life, and what lies ahead.

(W)hole” is the first official release from Sam Tompkins in 2021, and will be featured on his upcoming third EP dropping later this year.

Alongside the promise of releasing new music this year, Sam will be venturing out on a sold-out headline tour of The UK and Europe, kicking off in Manchester on the 8th of October at Gorilla and wrapping up in Berlin on the 27th of October at Burg Schnabel.

Find out more about Sam Tompkins, where to catch him on tour, and how to get ahold of his music here.

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