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GRAACE Stuns on Latest Single ‘Last Night’

I was first introduced to Australian artist GRAACE thanks to her collaboration with Hayden James on his single, “Numb”.  The track which she both co-wrote and performed on has since gone platinum, helping to make GRAACE one of the top artists to watch in the land down under.  

While I initially didn’t make the connection when I found her new tune, “Last Night”, in my inbox, her performance and songwriting were clearly special and therefore well worth some support.  Via honeyed yet vulnerable vocals, GRAACE sheds her soul on the new tune which reads like a page straight out of her diary.  At just 21 years old, GRAACE displays the maturity and control of a seasoned vet on her newest tune.  

With rich keys, moving synths and minimal percussion leading the drive, GRAACE absolutely soars on, “Last Night”, taking a moment to reflect on all of the wrong she has done.  While she apologizes for her lies and promiscuity that have obviously left a trail of despair in her wake, GRAACE seems to know that it it goes both ways – letting the other, equally responsible parties know that she will, “See You down in Hell.”

The new tune is both stunning and thought provoking, with GRAACE being the driving force.  Great vocals, quality lyrics “c clean production and a whole lot of emotion… what else do you need?

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