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Gregory Dillon Dropping Dreamy Jams from NYC

NYC artist Gregory Dillon was only last featured on RockDafuqOut a couple of months ago with his debut tune, “Alone with You”.

While that may have been his first time on the site, he has recently released a new tune titled, “Painted Blue”, and has once again proven himself to be an multi-talented artist.  

On his new single, the listener is quickly hypnotized by bright guitar melodies, soft spoken vocals and ethereal pads that hum in the distance.  With subtle and delicate vocals sitting front and center, a pumping, 80’s inspired production plays in the back.  Deep, rounded basses mix with soft kicks and fat snares while vibrant melodies sway in the background beneath the beautifully dynamic vocals from Gregory.

Proving himself once again to be a well versed songwriter and producer, “Painted Blue”,  is yet another undeniable groove from the buzzing NYC performer.  Make sure you check it out and keep an eye on his socials for updates.

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