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GROUNDSTROEM’s “Boy on the Moon”is a relatable and heartfelt guide to feeling lost

Swedish artist GROUNDSTROEM had a productive 2020 to say the least. Amidst the confusion and uncertainty that plagued our daily lives, Filip Groundstroem was relentless in releasing single after single, each better than the last and culminating into his debut EP Boy on the Moon. The title track is a heartfelt testament to the young artist’s ability to clearly express the feelings and sentiments of not only himself but the world as a whole. “Boy on the Moon”, released on all platforms on January 8th, takes a look at the year past and evokes the relatable feeling that everyone else has their lives figured out.

In GROUNDSTROEM’s own words, the song is all about “being young, lost and having no idea about what you want to do with your short time here on planet Earth. As a young person, you’re constantly on the quest for who you are and how to fit into the box.” That in mind, “Boy on the Moon” is an important track that provides clarity to those struggling with life-choices and/or an identity crisis by making their feelings relatable and normal. Rather than seeming as though he is speaking exclusively to his own experiences, GROUNDSTROEM provides that we are all boys on the moon in some sense.

While the lyrical sentiment of “Boy on the Moon” brings about feelings of isolation, musically it consists of a dense soundscape that rises and falls like adolescent emotions. GROUNDSTROEM’s superb vocal tone is greatly complemented by rich synth chords and fluttering guitar, all grounded by the pitter patter of a snare drum. Simplicity in the amount of musical elements allows “Boy on the Moon” to successfully portray GROUNDSTROEM’s thoughts and feelings while still remaining musically interesting. All around, if this track (and EP) is an indication of where the rising swede is moving towards, 2021 will be an even bigger year for GROUNDSTROEM and we should all be tuned in.

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