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Hamond Drops Fresh New Tune ‘Space For You’

As someone who likes giving a bit of insight into the artists I feature, it is often disheartening to be sent a single without any additional info – especially from a new artist on the scene.  Such is the case with the recent tune from Hamond – so I’ll just let the music speak. 

Hamish has recently unleashed his new tune, “Space For You”, featuring vocals from Eden Michael, and it is an absolute bop.  Over a slick, trap infused, melodic production, Eden Michael delivers a smooth performance.  A whole lot of sauce and the perfect amount of bounce make this one an instant add into my personal playlists.

While I know literally nothing else about Hamond, I can say that he is on to something with his latest release.  Here’s to hoping more music is on the way.  I’ll be keeping tabs.

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