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Andy Hopkins a.k.a Hauskey, is an Australian pop artist to keep your eye on. The young, smart, talented artist is full of determination and grit to make it in the music industry and, coincidentally, he’s got the chops to do it, too! At a very young age in Australia, Hauskey found a John Coltrane album in his mothers collection and while listening to the song “Naima“, his musical journey began. At just thirteen years old he had written his first song and come to the very mature realization that a good song should completely engulf the listener and make them a part of the music, for however long the runtime. Good music operates like a good film, in this way. Shortly after attending The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, the young and driven Andy Hopkins had opened his own music school. A fully functioning, staffed, and multi-faceted establishment, Hopkins had over 500 students. Even with this level of success at such a young age, Hauskey was growing anxious for a career trajectory he had fallen from. The young artist packed up and caught a flight to London, where he got a part-time job and started working the music circuit. Hauskey started playing as many gigs as he could manage, convincing bookers that he was about to become a “Very Big Deal.” After some time, Andy headed back to Australia, a little weary but not beaten. Still determined to find the success he was after, he purchased an old van, drove out to a farmhouse outside the city and started working on the songs that would shape his sound and career.

Over the course of a year and a half, Hauskey has been delivering a steady flow of singles all adding up to an eclectic collection of music. Ranging from low-key pop to synth driven jams, the culmination of Hauskey’s music is all realized in his newest single One Minute. The new single is Hauskey embracing all of his sound and music and delivering it in one perfectly wrapped Indie/Pop package. In this latest jam, the artist teams up wit London based Bossa Nova-inspired R&B artist Hope Tala, and together they have created a single with some serious hit potential. One Minute marks the first collaborative creation of Hauskey and together with Hope Tala‘s smooth and sultry vocals, the song has really found a groove, proving fruitful for both young, up and coming artists.

An ode to fair-weather friends, One Minute chronicles the happenings of coming across those who break promises, and take advantage. The song calls out “so-called friends”, who use up what you have to offer and then hit the road without a thought. “It’s an eye-roll to all those who have wronged. A colorful ode to fickle fools.”

One Minute is filled with quintessential pop sensibilities. A slow groove with bright melodies and super-smooth, endearing, vocal performances from both Hauskey and Hope. The production is ready for radio and I won’t be surprised to hear it there soon.

Listen to more music from Hauskey, here:

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