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Hauskey Exudes His Sunny Disposition With Masterful Debut EP ‘Slow’

Hauskey is a perfect example of an artist that never gave up on manifesting his dream. Now, he’s releasing his debut EP ‘Slow’: an abstract indie pop soundscape bursting with fun melodies and colorful songwriting.

The lead single and title track “Slow” perfectly kicks off the EP’s overall dynamic. Focusing on explaining his trouble learning from his mistakes and getting lost in his head, the song allows you to fall so easily within the tune. It’s then followed up by “Somewhere,” a more upbeat tune that focuses on the desire to get away to the perfect place. The tempo makes you feel free and hones in on the escapism.

“Silver Lining” is Hauskey’s take on the “glass half full” scenario, but in regards to a particular person. This person is a shining light as Hauskey remarks, “I can’t replace you.” He says:

“It would have been easy to create a cliche clip for this song; montaging shots of me and a lover. But I wanted to push it a little further. To ‘physicalise’ the silver lining that keeps me going, while I’m hit by all of life’s sh*t.”

“Not Good” is a funky, melodic tune focused on dishonesty. Hauskey can tell there’s no transparency between him and his partner, indicating “you give a lot away with those eyes.” The following tune “Plan B” paints the tragedy of the despair you can feel when you’re chasing a dream, but you believe in it so much that you refuse to think about a “plan b.” Hauskey ends the EP with the romantic tune “You & Me” which emphasizes the feeling of completeness when he’s with the only person who gives him a sense of peace. Talking about the EP as a whole, Hauskey remarks:

“It was tough to decide what songs to put on this EP, but the six here felt like they capture the diversity of my songwriting and what I want to say right now. From my bedroom studio, to your ears, I hope you love these songs as much as I do.”

Andy Hopkins (AKA Hauskey) writes, performs and produces his records. Ruminating on all things irregular, off-center and skewed left, Hauskey brings his sunny disposition to the sounds he creates and the mood those sounds project.

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