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HAYL Drops Emotional New Tune ‘Be Like You’

Based in Nashville, Florida born new kid on the block HAYL, is on a mission to speak her truth to the world – one song at a time.  From a young age, the buzzing singer/songwriter found solace in music, finding an escape from the stresses at home and using a pen and pad to express everything she was unable to say out loud.  After giving up a corporate job in 2017 to pursue her passion – a career in music – HAYL relocated to the musical haven she now calls home and got to work.  

A few years later, and HAYL has not only launched her solo career, but she has also racked up credits co-writing with a number of artists behind the scenes.  With a growing fanbase and increasingly impressive streaming numbers, HAYL is continuing to hone her sound, most recently releasing her single, “Be Like You”.  About the inspiration behind the tune, HAYL says, “I wrote Be Like You when it wasn’t parallel to my life at all. Then a few months later I was heartbroken by someone who couldn’t love me or himself. It was crazy how much this song spoke to me. He moved on so fast it seemed like being in the same room didn’t affect him, while it was killing me. This song comes from a place of believing I was worthless. Feeling lonely and angry at the same time. I hope this song gives you hope that heartbreak won’t last forever, even when your’e drowning in it.

Her latest tune continues to build upon her developing sound, blending elements of Pop, Indie and Electronic into a dynamic and emotive single that feels totally authentic yet commercially appealing.  Clean production that fuses rich guitar melodies, background vocal textures, soft synth elements and snappy drum samples set the tone while HAYL brings a beautiful vocal performance to carry the track.  With a focus on penning tunes that connect with the listener and bring to the surface feelings that may have been buried for years – HAYL is putting her story on the line in hopes of opening a discussion that helps to heal – whatever may be hurting.

About her writing style, she offers, “I love having deep convos with people, and I want my music to be just that; love, hurt, struggle, jealousy, happiness & so much more because we’re all human, well most of us…

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