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Hearts & Colors Are On The Look Out For Lovers

When I heard this song, I automatically had to Google who Hearts & Colors were all about. To my luck, the first link I clicked, brought me to Heart & Color Co. where wild romantics go for their artistic wedding photographers. Great website, but not my intended Google search.

After a few minutes of searching I found Hearts & Colors Official Facebook page and was presently surprised when I found that the two band members are from the Sweden. Philip Tillström & Nicolai Kjellberg are the two putting together beautifully produced songs like Too Many Friends.

Hearts & Colors take an interesting approach on this acoustic pop song. Too Many Friends starts with a rhythmic guitar riff that has been looped and embed with gentle claps and a signature sounding bass. A perfect song to get us New Yorker‘s ready for the warm weather that is expected. This single showed me that this Indie-folk duo isn’t fucking around. Their tasteful beats, smooth voices and deep lyrics are going to make listeners loose it.

In the track, Philip and Nico explain a common issue that many people face; they have too many friends, but not enough lovers. I think this will change when people associate the single with the artists. Hopefully that time will come quickly because the two are boss, blond and blessed with musical greatness. Do yourself a favor and check out Hearts & Colors.

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