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"IDGAF" by BoyWithUke and Blackbear Create the Ultimate Summer-Fun Disstrack

“IDGAF” is a punchy and gritty revenge pop track about an ex-partner who broke up with their partner on incredibly messy and bad terms. BoyWithUke and blackbear sing with confidence and shade about an ex-partner who was arrogant and ruined the relationship with lies and toxicity. They laugh at their exes who are desperately trying to make their way back to them, despite their exes burning all their bridges.

“IDGAF” subtlety balances acoustic with pop production, highlighting their masterful songwriting and clear direction when making their track. The ukulele is the heart of the song, not only because it drives the melody, but keeps the tone of the song upbeat, chipper, and playful, making it obvious that this song is a roast and not an attack. “IDGAF” allows listeners to get in their feelings and channel that same anger and cheekiness that comes with bashing a toxic ex-partner with friends.

"IDGAF" is filled with digs and shade, making it the perfect hype song for the summer. Blackbear comes onto the track and adds further fuel to the fire by elevating the energy of the song with his rap verse and carefully crafted words. “IDGAF” is witty, fun, laidback, and fiery. The lyrics are not only suave and slick but tell a narrative that listeners can vibe to and not take themselves too seriously.

“IDGAF” is the perfect anthemic breakup song, straying away from the sulky ballad in order to create a braggadocious diss track. BoywithUke and blackbear drag their exes in this fun song with quick lyrics and even faster beats.

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