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Indie-Folk Goodness from Josiah and the Bonnevilles

This was a great year for music.  Personally I’ve discovered too many artists to list, and the gift keeps on giving.

Tennessee based Indie-Folk group Josiah and the Bonnevilles just delivered a stunning and refreshing tune with, “Swing”.  While I sometimes have a hard time getting into more Folk leaning artists m, when it is done right the vibe is undeniable – and everything about this one is so right.

The acoustic tune relies on a deep bass and layers of guitar to deliver the perfect bed for the vocals.  The tune is beautifully written, with the lyrics touching on the all too familiar story – a relationship on the brink of disaster.  The moment when it is all but gone and you hope that one more swing is all you need.

Developing over time, the emotion and pressure felt between the love interests can be felt.  You can’t help but root for them.  The track builds sonically as the story unfolds, finally resolving and leaving the listener with no answers.

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