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Indie Hip-Hop Vibes from Mike SB & GOLDDIGGA

Wake up with some Indie Hip-Hop vibes from Mike SB.

While the 22 year old MC gets ready to graduate from Florida Atlantic University, he’s continuing to follow his life long passion, dropping gems for the lovers of slick lyrics and laid back vibes.

Mike began writing music at the age of 8, but it wasn’t until he was 16 that he hit the booth and started recording. When asked about how he got his start he stated, “I fell in love with music listening to my Walkman and jamming my brother’s old 2 Pac, Bone Thugs, 50 Cent and Eminem CD’s.

In his latest release, “Visions,” Mike teamed up with GOLDDIGGA to create a chill af joint to rock to on your blunt rides. When asked about how the GOLDDIGGA collab came to happen, Mike said, “We magically met years ago when my buddy from high school went to New York for college and ended up with GOLDDIGGA as a roommate. We’ve been creating ever since.” 

If “Visions,” is your first introduction into Mike SB… trust it is a good first look. The swag and confidence in his delivery is clearly that of someone who has been at it for a minute, spending the time to find his sound a fine tune his skills. The production from GOLDDIGGA rides underneath, smooth and slapping, classic samples filling the background allowing the vocals to shine.

Keep an eye on Mike SB. When asked what he has up next, Mike filled us in… “GOLDDIGGA and I are releasing a 6-track EP that’s going to shake the world entitled, “Imperfect.” The album is more of an Indie Alternative Hip-Hop project, so it’s the first body of work where I actually steer clear of Hip-Hop for the majority of the record. This album came out so freely, I love it.

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