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Indulge in Small Words’ new single “Spectrum”

Small Words is a 4 piece group out of Indianapolis, IN, and their latest single “Spectrum” is a gritty Pop-Rock banger that does a bit of everything. Tangy vocals, whining guitar solos, a swing that’ll make you move your feet, and hard hitting sentiments culminate into an electric listening experience. Small Words’ debut album Good Day, Bad Me was an explosive first step onto the scene, but having dedicated the past year to their upcoming full length project, 2021 will be a huge year for the group. If this latest release is any indication of their direction, charisma, and ability to captivate, Small Words is a name you’ll be glad you heard early on. 

Spectrum” is largely about self doubt and self acceptance, indulging and not feeling as bad about it because you recognize where change is due. The band writes:

Spectrum is a song about desperation in accepting yourself. Understanding that you have things about yourself that you wish to improve on, or be able to accept, but not knowing where to begin”

This message permeates throughout “Spectrum” in a way that alleviates much of the guilt associated with the indulgence of bad habits. There is comfort in hope knowing that there is no finite line, no black and white, separating good from bad. However, there is a gray area, we exist in a multitude of spectrums and therefore don’t necessarily need to be our best selves in order to be better. This message is easier to digest with good music backing it, and if anything “Spectrum” is at least that. You’ll find yourself nodding, stomping feet, and ultimately transported to a different space in time once the band picks up. Every feeling needs an anthem to help it make sense, “Spectrum” is exactly that for the guiltiest and darkest corners of self acceptance. A song that allows you to feel better without necessarily forgetting how you felt in the first place. Whether you learn something about yourself in the process, or just jam, “Spectrum” is a must listen.

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