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Ione Delivers Another Sensational Single With ‘Loved By You’

If you haven’t heard of Ione, you’re missing out! Ione is a UK artist going places, as her recent single release proves yet again. Her last release was ‘Tell Me’, which was sophisticated synth-pop with luscious vocal arrangement. ‘Loved By You’ has a more traditional R&B approach, yet Ione is in her element once more, with vocal arrangements to rival the greats. What’s more, the artist plays a key role in these arrangements, being a professional backing vocalist away from her solo career. With her own music, Ione is able to flaunt her talent for singing in a way which reveals some of her own personality.

In a recent interview, when asked about her influences for the record, Ione explained:

“Yes, I grew up on 90’s R&B so the influence does find it’s way into my music. The harmonies remind me of all the R&B boy bands from the ’90s like boys2men and something about the chorus is a bit Janet Jackson and overall I feel a little bit of Tamia. I remember playing Destiny’s Child’s The Writings On The Wall album and TLC’s Fanmail album for a long time. The ’90s is one of my favourite times in music.”

The 90s are very much back in at the minute, and it seems Ione is naturally drawn to this era regardless – but it’s good timing right?! 90s with a noughtie’s twist – ‘Loved By You’ is one to play on repeat.

Listen to ‘Loved By You’ on all platforms right here:

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