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J.O.Y. Get’s Saucy on ‘547’

While I may not be a huge R&B head, some artists do it so well that I can’t help but support.

Enter J.O.Y. – the German crooner has recently released a tune titled, “547”, and it is smooth as hell.  Written about living in Tokyo with his girl, he knows that she is a distraction and realizes that she is not giving him happiness. But as he states, “happiness should be achieved from the inside – that’s why I have to let her go.

Over a chill, minimal Electronic production, J.O.Y. delivers a captivating Pop leaning vocal performance while haunting synths sway in the background and slapping drums drive it home.  While contemporary in form, he has found a way to make sure that this song fits perfectly into the current musical landscape.  With a sexy and catchy hook, the tune allows J.O.Y. To flex both vocally and lyrically – kicking the real and letting his listeners know exactly where his heads at.

If you are a R&B head, feeling a bit vulnerable or woke up too horny – this is a jam for you. Check out his new release below as well!

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