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Jack Gray Brings the Sauce on ‘Drunk Talk’

While Jack Gray may have only recently come onto my radar… I will be paying close attention from here on in.  Finding his recent single, “Drunk Talk”, in my inbox, I was instantly hooked by his songwriting and vocals… and it seems like I am not the only one.

With an impressive skill set including being a singer/songwriter/producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jack Gray seems to be in high demand – recently wrapping up tours in support of 3 other artists that I have been watching closely for the last year or two… Dean Lewis, E^ST and Mahalia.

About the tune, Jack Gray offers, “Drunk Talk is a track I worked on late one night with my mates in the studio. We record songs in a converted caravan close to the Gold Coast and we just couldn’t help ourselves as the sessions always go late.   One of us ends up drinking way too much and starts talking shit.  So, I wrote a song about it.  It’s such a universal thing – – waking up the next morning and wondering what complete nonsense came out of our mouths.

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