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Jaded Drop new EP for Your Earholes

Oh man. The second I started playing, “BANG BANG“, I could NOT get enough!

UK based trio, Jaded, have just dropped off a new 4-track EP, lead by title track, “Bang Bang“, and they really deliver with this one.  Driving rhythms and energy that doesn’t stop carry from beginning to end, except for a break about half way through- offering a perfect build up to a BANG BANG drop!!  With a powerful bassline and superior drums, I was instantly transported back to my earlier, pre-marriage and kid days of outdoor, summer time beach parties (Neptune’s – The Hamptons anyone??)

This dynamic release is sure to work from the clubs to festivals and make sure to keep an ear out for it once the world is back in action. But until then, get those sunnies on, a drink in your hand and have a living room dance party!

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