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JAM OF THE WEEK: AnastasiaMax – All Went Black [VIDEO]

This next one is not only impressive because of its stellar vocals and production, but also because the Boca Raton based duo is comprised of teen siblings, Anastasia and Max, who are just 14 and 18 respectively.soul

Creating music far beyond their years, their latest release, “All Went Black“, is and Indie, Alternative Rock jam that comes along with a haunting and cinematic video.   The tune itself is a stunning outcry against abandonment, tackling the emotions many of us face when trying to come to grips with the darkness that comes when being left behind by ones we love.

With Max on guitar, Anastasia delivers an emotional, anthemic vocal performance only made more impressive by her age.  The clean, dynamic production perfectly compliments the vocals, coming together to create a truly spectacular release.

Music, in my opinion, is meant to make people feel… and this release does just that.  Pain, angst, heartache, regret and self doubt ooze from every note in every melody.  This has to be my JAM OF THE WEEK.  Hands down.

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