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JAM OF THE WEEK: Cautious Clay – Cold War (Iamnobodi Remix)

If you haven’t yet heard of Cautious Clay... hop on the bandwagon now, because he is only just beginning.

Since smoothly sliding onto the scene, the Brooklyn based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist he has been turning heads and spreading vibes in a big way.  With two Hype Machine #1’s under his belt already, Cautious Clay has set out to, “create something accessible, yet truly artistic and innovative” and he is doing just that.

Following up on his most recent single, “Joshua Tree”, Cautious Clay returns back to his debut, “Cold War”, with a little help from Iamnobodi.  The new remix takes the original vibe and accentuates the underlying emotions, making sure it hits even deeper.  Iamnobodi delivers big with his production.  Keeping things minimal, moody and dark, the remix incorporates deep bass lines, keys, sporadic percussion and ambient textures, to ensure Cautious Clay has the space to sway.

This mix is a vibe.  Regardless of how you may be feeling going into the track, those feelings with bubble to the surface by the end – leaving you feeling some type of way.  If it doesn’t… you’re dead inside.

Brb.  Going to follow Cautious Clay on every one of his socials to make sure we don’t miss what’s next.

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