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JAM OF THE WEEK: Champion Electric – Arpej

After coming together in 2016, Nashville based 3-piece Indie Rock group Champion Electric quickly got to work developing their sound and creating tunes.

Their second release, “Arpej“, is a great introduction to the group, who have found success combining a healthy dose of ethereal noise, simplistic surfer-style melodies and mellow grooves.  What is said to be the second single in a set of four they have ready to go, their new tune is a chill and dreamy jam created to showcase ones struggle with the waves of contentment and consternation.

To be frank, everything about this track is on point. With the instrumentation combining both live and Electronic elements, all parts come together to create a moving and melodic tune that develops from beginning to end and leaves the listener yearning for more.  A slick arrangement and intriguing progression make it clear that there is a real musical knowledge shared between all parties.  Every aspect of this tune is well thought out and perfectly executed.

Grabbed at the first note and holding on to the last, to say that this is one of my favorite releases lately would be an understatement.  This is nothing short of my JAM OF THE WEEK.

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