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I recently came across the new single, “LIKE A ROCKSTAR”, form Australian 3-piece Chase Atlantic in my inbox – and I have been shamelessly rocking it ever since.  While they may have just landed on my radar, it seems brothers Clinton and Mitchel Cave and longtime friend, Christian Anthony, have been turning heads for sometime now.

Initially the trio had released two independent EP’s Dalliance (2014) and Nostalgia (2015), but when their single, “Friends”, from the latter went viral, they caught the attention of Good Charlotte’s Joel and Benji Madden, who signed them to their music company, MDDN.  Since then they have been busier than ever.  From landing slots on tour with Blackbear, Sleeping With Sirens, and Lights – to performing at notable festivals including Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Firefly, Reading & Leeds, PukkelPop, Lowlands, and the final run of The Warped TourChase Atlantic is quickly taking the world by storm.  

Since releasing their debut album in 2017, Chase Atlantic has racked up nearly 100m streams worldwide while also growing a substantial following in social media.  Their new single, “LIKE A ROCKSTAR”, is sure to help pump those numbers even more.  The chill, atmospheric, millennial anthem sees the group singing about living life the way they want – while the path they are on mat not be the safest, but if they’re going down… they want to go down with a bang.

With references to pills, molly, coke and codeine, many people may see this song to be promoting drug use – an issue that has been all over headlines in recent years thanks to many high-profile overdoses – but for me, it almost feels like a warning.  While this may in fact be how Chase Atlantic is living, they recognize that, “lifestyle on the edge can be unforgiving”.  Never the type to preach, I personally always like artists to be true to themselves – and there is nothing about this tune that feels inauthentic.

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