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JAM OF THE WEEK: Elina – Free

To say I have been patiently waiting to share this one would be an understatement.  Ever since Swedish, Ivor Novello nominated singer-songwriter Elina launched her solo career last year, I have been sharing her music with anyone who wants to listen.  After a string of singles leading to the release of her debut EP this spring, Elina has undoubtedly become one of my favorite songwriter – in the whole wide world. 

Her latest offering, “Free”, follows suit from her other releases so far (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) and helps to set the tone for her forthcoming sophomore EP which is sure to be a stunner.  The heart-wrenching, mid-tempo tune about a past love, relies on clean acoustic guitar, subtle bass and lush strings to set the mood – once again allowing Elina’s stellar songwriting and pristine vocals to steal the show. 

While Elina had already found major success behind the scenes writing for some of today’s biggest artists like Zara Larsson, NEIKED, Astrid S, and Maroon 5 / SZA (“What Lovers Do.”), her solo material is a force to be reckoned with in its own right.  Having racked up 60M+ Spotify streams in just over a year, it would be impossible to deny her raw talent, transcendent vocals and captivating lyricism.  

Elina’s songwriting comes from the heart, and she isn’t afraid to write about things that aren’t perfect or pretty in topic, with her music addressing self-belief in one’s own ability and the fear of being seen as inadequate. Her solo project aims to break from today’s strict genre formats, and instead focuses on an approach of stripped down instrumentation coupled with timeless songwriting.

Yet another stunning release from the award winning songwriter, I am thoroughly hooked and hanging on to every note.  If the second EP is anything like her debut, it will without a doubt be an impressive display and yet another example of Elian’s borderless sound.  This is music for the masses.  If Elina doesn’t make you feel some type of way – you must not be listening close enough.  

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