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JAM OF THE WEEK: Emotional Oranges – Personal [VIDEO]

While duo Emotional Oranges only came onto my radar less than a week ago, I’m not too mad about it – the fact of the matter is, they only began releasing music officially earlier this year.  The fact is, while they may be considered a ‘new’ group, they have already secured a cult following starting with the release of their debut single, “Motion”, and I am happy to announce I am officially on the bandwagon. 

Thanks to VEVO who recently released two live videos with the group as part of their DSCVR series, their single, “Personal”, has been getting a number of daily streams from myself – and I’m sure a number of friends whom I hastily sent the link to are doing the same.  Blending elements from contemporary R&B with Disco grooves, funky live instrumentation and rhythms and some extra saucy vocals, Emotional Oranges have gone from indie outfit to artist to watch in an incredibly short period of time.  

With 10’s of millions of streams already under their belt, as well as co-signs from Michelle Obama and Guy Fieri and a major sync placement as the official song for RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2018, there is no doubt that Emotional Oranges are on to something – and lucky for us it seems they are having not problem keeping up with the pace. 

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