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JAM OF THE WEEK: Joel Ansett – Toward the Pain

Hailing from Denver, singer/songwriter Joel Ansett has recently unveiled his new album, “A Place I Knew Before”, and it is a stunning showcase of stellar songwriting, clean production, emotive melodies and deep-hitting lyrical content.  Having remained independent though his time as a solo artist, Joel has been able to rack up some impressive numbers while also helping to prove that independent artists can make some major waves when the music comes first.

From finger-picked guitar rhythms to swelling string and vocal accompaniments and just enough percussion to get your foot tapping, the project remains quite minimal while also ensuring every element plays its part and sits exactly where it should.  Beyond the clear understanding of song structure, each arrangement and beat shows there is a deep understanding of theory – and Joel Ansett seems to know just how to use it for maximum impact.

If you are looking for some new indie gems.  Make sure you give this project a spin – you won’t be disappointed. 

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