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With everything happening in the world sometimes it may feel like all of this cannot possibly be real. On the first single of his upcoming EP The Kids Are Alright, London-based multifaceted Artist, Moncrieff, takes aim at the prevailing uncertainties in the world with “PLAYLOUD”. The single is set to drop on July 24th on all platforms and is an in-your-face reminder that the world may be bleak but we do not need to be. Addressing topics such as crooked politicians, mass incarcerations, and failed expectations, Moncrieff asserts that the most important thing is to maintain self-belief and find solace in those who stand by you. In his own words, “PLAYLOUD” is “a call to arms to young people and any one who feels frustrated and alienated by the world they live in”. The explosive production and powerful vocals certainly emphasize this intention and allow the track to stand out as a banger to protest to, be inspired by, and turn to for a reminder that the future is not as dark as it may seem.

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