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First place I go when my kid is old enough to handle an incredibly long flight is Australia fa sho.

The amount of incredible artists coming out of there these days, in every genre, is truly inspiring.  Before the year is up I’m going to put my favorite AUS finds from 2017 together for y’all – this next one will without a doubt be on the list.

It was only 2 years ago that Melbourne raised, Nashville based artist WLSN dropped her first single, “Unmeet You”.  With no real backing, WLSN quickly found the record in rotation on Triple J, PBS, and several UK radio stations.  Support quickly rolled in from Pigeons & Planes, Hilly Dilly, The Guardian and Ebro Darden on Beats 1 – it’s no wonder her debut is now over 1M streams.

While she often gets comparisons to legends such as Aretha Franklin and Etta James (that can’t be a bad thing), WLSN brings her own vibe to everything she touches.  

Since relocating this year and working to develop her sound, the vocal powerhouse is back once again with an absolutely stunning tune in, “Love Me Back”.  With her newfound band at her back, the new release is a piano driven, mid-tempo jam that allows WLSN to shine while also capturing a similar sound and dynamic fans are used to from her live performances.  The minimal production is clean and concise and perfectly compliments her incredibly soulful and emotional vocal performance.

Singing about an unrequited love, WLSN makes this release easy to relate to, while also making sure it hits the listener on a deep and personal level.  Sometimes love is a one way street that we can’t help but drive down full speed ahead.  As long as their is hope, anything is possible in love.

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