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JAM OF THE WEEK: WNDR – Let it Out (feat. Jordan Night)

At the age of 26, Norwegian producer WNDR has literally spent entire years of his life working on his craft – leading to where he is today.  Starting as a DJ, he had spent thousands of hours in front of his set up before the age of 13.  By the time he graduated high school, he had spent even more time working on production. 

With an in depth understanding of the music he is creating and some serious production chops, WNDR quickly became a go to producer, earning him the nickname, “The producers producer“.  Blending elements from Urban and Electronic music, WNDR relies on heavy 808 drum patterns, intuitive bass lines, unique chord progressions and instantly memorable top lines to create his clean and dynamic jams.

Jordan has also been building a name for himself first shaking up the scene in 2016 with his debut EP ‘The Night Shift’, described as an “R&B nugget of gold” by MTV’s The Wrap UP.  His silky smooth vocals coupled with WNDR’s rock solid production make ‘Let It Out’ an instant pop classic.

Everything about this tune is on point.  10/10.

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