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JAMEO Finds Big Support On Latest Original ‘Safe and Sound’

If you follow RockDafuqOut, you may have seem LA producer JAMEO featured on the site quite a few times.  Always blown away by his dynamic productions and emotional vibes, JAMEO has continued to wow ya with a steady stream of originals and remixes.  

While he may now be known for his lush Electronic tunes, JAMEO’s background boast years of touring as a part of several bands.  As a multi-instrumentalist – it is easy to hear his vast understanding of theory and composition on everything he touches.  Heating things up for summer he has just unleashed his latest offering, his third original single, “Safe and Sound”, featuring vocalist Lux.  

About the single JAMEO  says, “The track was inspired by a breakup I had recently gone through where the girl wanted to remain friends. I wanted this song to capture that feeling of a wide range of emotions pulling you in opposite directions. It starts out kind of dark and emotional and builds into this uplifting and empowering drop.

If you are into sweet melodic Future Bass jams – this one’s for you.  Give it a listen and give JAMEO  a follow on his socials so you don’t miss a beat. 

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